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LargeV Smart3D Tomografi


Multifunctional Dental CBCT

Inherited from the development and refinements for decades in radiological imaging technology, Smart3D Series delivers a wide variety of applications in dental diagnostics. Due to the outstanding image quality and its versatility, Smart3D Series offers superb and stable 3-in-1 extraoral imaging solutions for the benefits of general dentistry, Implantology, Endodontics, Orthodontics, and maxillofacial surgery, and others(E.N.T), etc. While maintaining its superior performance, it comes with a surprisingly convenient pricing plan to grow with your practice. Simply a smart and reliable choice, just as the name suggests.

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Smart3D General Features

Superior Image Quality

AI System


Tooth Model Scan

Nerve Tracking

360° Scanning

Metal Artifact Correction


Low Dose Radiation

0.5mm Small Focus Tube

Built-in Minipacs

100μm Small Voxel Size

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Optional FOVs

Flexible 5cm x 5cm -15cm x9cm FOV

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High-Definition Image​​​

0.5mm small focus tube ensures outstanding image quality. Powered by CMOS sensor and refined scan technology, the quality of the 2D image is up to 100μm of pixel resolution, providing an excellent panorama for dentists to acquire the most defined images to observe the overall dentition condition and any probable abnormality.

Helps Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

Resolution up to 2.2lp/mm, voxel size of 0.25~0.05mm optional.

diş tomografisi

Low Dose

Boosted by the deep-learning-based CT reconstruction algorithm, the Smart3D is now able to obtain the more defined tomography while further reducing the radiation dose by 83%, once again topping the industrious standard in respect of low dose control.

metal artefakt giderme

Metal Artifact Reduction

With the new TrueMAR correction module for metal artifact removal, the system can intelligently correct metal artifact, avoid over modifying and save the original clinical data.

hızlı tarama ve gerçek görüntüleme

Super-Fast Scan and Real-Time Imaging

In pursuing of further reducing the radiation dose and acquiring the imaging excellence, Smart3D has achieved to significantly shorten the exposure time to the fastest 6 seconds, obtaining the flawless 2D images in the blink of the eye.

Acquisition Efficacy & Ultra-Rapid Reconstruction

Integrated with 360° scanning technology, the Smart3D can routinely perform precise examinations within 13 seconds, acquiring comprehensive anatomy data. Thanks to the unique algorithm, the reconstruction time of 3D images can be greatly reduced to 15-40 seconds, setting a new industry standard to increase workflow efficiency.

ultra hızlı yeniden yapılandırma

Ergonomic Positioning & Touch-Screen Operation

The electric chin-rest, which can be adjusted to your exposure requirements, is ideal for avoiding physical discomfort and obtaining convenient positioning. Via the clear touch-screen user interface, operating efficiency is maximized, and practitioners will experience a new level of convenience. Various pre-programed scan modes allow for precise selection of the exposure area, as well as dosage optimization.

ergonomik konumlandırma alanı

The Teeth Model Scan

Tooth Model Scan

The Teeth model scan supports the Impression Scan mode and the Plaster Casting Scan mode. the STL three-dimensional digital model is generated by CBCT scanning and is stored in the SmartV database, and reduce the production cost of the model. The digital model data can be configured directly with the patient's CBCT data for oral implant planning, surgical guides, orthodontic treatment plans.

AI Introduction

  • AI + CBCT

With the new deep-learning-based CT reconstruction algorithm, even though we reduce 83% radiation dose, the system still can obtain a good clear CBCT image.

  • AI + Panorama

Together with new intelligent auto-focus technology, and multi-layer panoramic hardware, the system can automatically fit the best panoramic curves and reconstruct a better image.

  • AI + Ceph Measurement

The neural network, trained by big data, can automatically identify orthodontic anatomical landmark points, draw anatomical structures, and output measurement reports according to the selected measurement methods.

Artificial Intelligence Support

Cephalometric Imaging

Cephalometric Imaging

Each edition of Smart3D enables the optional Cephalometric Imaging System to diversify your dental Diagnosis. Powered by an additional sensor exclusively for Cephalometric, it is exceedingly capable of a comprehensive examination and precise diagnosis. The images can be completed within a 7s low-dose scan, offering the valuable analysis to fulfill n for orthodontics and orthognathics.  Frontal/Lateral Images sizes from 22 x 19cm to 29 x 22cm


  • High resolution cesium iodide detector, perfect head image.

  • Full-amplitude and half-amplitude lateral maps are optional to optimize radiation dose.

Integrated Softwares


 CBCT Application Software 

High Precision 3D Tomography


Simulated Planting

Neural Tube Tracing

view of the skull

Panoramic  Reconstruction

Local Fine Reconstruction

Metal Artifact Correction

Temporomandibular Joint


Professional Cephalometric Analysis Software


AI Enhancement Module

Automatic Ear
Point Correction

Support Case
Export & Sharing

6 Imaging
Overlay Mode

Convenient  Measurement Methods

Friendly Operation Interface

Photos from Our Clinics

LargeV Smart3D

Technical Specifications

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