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Why LargeV Dental Tomography?

LargeV Instrument Corp. Ltd. (LargeV) is a provider of medical imaging equipment and related services. After its establishment in 2011, it launched the HiRes3D dental tomography device in 2012. The HiRes3D, which has seats and large imaging fields, was awarded the first level 'Technological Invention' award by the China Stereology Science and Technology Association in 2015. HiRes3D, the first Chinese CBCT, was unveiled at IDS in Cologne, Germany.

HiRes3D Dental Tomografi

In 2016, LargeV produced the Multifunction CBCT Smart3D model and received certification from NMPA. A year later, HiRes3D-Plus and HiRes3D-Max super large FOV dental CBCT models were approved by NMPA.

LargeV, which wants to provide superior service and products to all its users, is taking important steps towards becoming the world's leading medical equipment manufacturer. LargeV, which went public in China 2 years ago, has opened the way for all investors to become shareholders.


LargeV, which won the German iF Design award in 2021 with the Smart3D-X model after the Smart3D model, promises a special experience to its users with its 5-year warranty policy and award-winning devices.

Tinus Technologies brings you LargeV dental tomography devices with its expert and engineer team. Our company, which responds to all your questions with 24/7 technical support, offers SmartVPro, the Turkishized artificial intelligence-supported tomography software, to its users with a lifetime warranty.

SmartVPro Tomografi Yazılımı

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