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Large FOV Professional Dental CBCT

Equipped with LargeV’s latest artificial intelligence system and upgraded precision imaging system, the LargeV HiRes3D fulfills your implantology, orthodontics, gnathology, respiratory path analysis, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedic surgery, and otolaryngology needs.

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Superior Image Quality

AI System

Electric Seating System

Dental Model Scan

Nerve Tracking

360° Scan

Metal Artifact Correction

Fast Reconstruction

Low Dose Radiation

0.4mm Small
Focus Tube

Built-in Minipacs

120μm Small
Voxel Size

Super Large FOV

Simulated Planting

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Optional FOVs

All kinds of dental clinical requirements would be solved accordingly by the flexible FOV.
The large FOV of HiRes3D Series can cover the whole maxillofacial region.

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High-Definition Image​​​

The 0.4 small focus tube, with a highest resolution of up to 2.6lp/mm, ensures the fine oral structure is clearly visible.

3D Face Scan System (Option)

3D Face Scan System provides the realistic facial 3D data, which can combine with CBCT data, and be used
for orthodontic treatment and pre- and post-operative comparison of edentulous full-mouth implants.

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Low Dose

Boosted by the deep-learning-based CT reconstruction algorithm, the HiRes3D is now able to obtain the more defined tomography while further reducing the radiation dose by 75%, once again topping the industrious standard in respect of low dose control.

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Metal Artifact Reduction

The unique metal artifact removal function of the HiRes3D Series can reduce the influence of the metal or other high-density materials, and significantly improve the image quality.

yerleşik mini pacs ile veri paylaşma hires3d

Data Sharing with Build-in Mini PACS

HiRes3D Series' built-in MINI PACS module can ensure effective storage, use, and sharing of images on different sites.

Better Quality in Shorter Time

HiRes3D Series is able to get high-accurate 3D image of anatomical structures within 13 seconds of scanning time.

HiRes3D Series has a resolution as high as 2.6lp/mm, which is able to clearly display the microscopic structures, effectively meeting the requirements of various dental applications, such as dental implant, impacted teeth positioning, oral surgery evaluation, and dental disease diagnosis, etc.


AI Introduction

  • AI + CBCT

With the new deep-learning-based CT reconstruction algorithm, even though we reduce 83% radiation dose, the system still can obtain a good clear CBCT image.

  • AI + Panorama

Together with new intelligent auto-focus technology, and multi-layer panoramic hardware, the system can automatically fit the best panoramic curves and reconstruct a better image.

  • AI + Ceph Measurement

The neural network, trained by big data, can automatically identify orthodontic anatomical landmark points, draw anatomical structures, and output measurement reports according to the selected measurement methods.


Integrated Softwares


 CBCT Application Software 

High Precision 3D Tomography


Simulated Planting

Neural Tube Tracing

view of the skull

Panoramic  Reconstruction

Local Fine Reconstruction

Metal Artifact Correction

Temporomandibular Joint


Professional Cephalometric Analysis Software


AI Enhancement Module

Automatic Ear
Point Correction

Support Case
Export & Sharing

6 Imaging
Overlay Mode

Convenient  Measurement Methods

Friendly Operation Interface

Kliniklerimizden Fotoğraflar

LargeV HiRes3D

Technicial Specifications

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